Bringing Home the Title!

Written by Elizabeth Bradley and Michael Baker|

After a 21 year drought, The Morgan Golf Team brought home the SLC Title. On May 20th at the Clinton Country Club the team scored a total of 317. Team Members, Frank Rivas, Gabe Van Ness, Maxx Bugg, Tanner Romanos, and Kevin Daley all participated this past Monday. The students, staff, and coaches, Eric Bergman and Paul Beckett, had nothing but nice things to say about the team. Junior captain, Gabe Van Ness, said “It felt great for the team to win for the first time in 21 years. The team worked really hard this year and it finally paid off. I played well yesterday. I played my best tournament ever 1+1, the biggest win as an individual and a team that I have ever had. It always is a good day when people make all shoreline, Maxx and I placed first and second in the tournament and in the conference.” For this season’s scores see Morgan Athletics: The Latest Scores and Pictures

2 responses to “Bringing Home the Title!

  1. It was exciting to hear that after 21 years the Morgan golf team brought home the SLC Title again! Coach Bergman has a strong team that will hopefully bring home the title again.


  2. This is a really big achievement and deffinately deserves some recognition so this article was a great way to do it! Maybe pictures would have been nice! But good article!


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