Morgan Has a New Mascot

Written By Santiago Sanchez|

Video Edited by Michael Baker|

Has anyone heard the obnoxious screeching near Ms. Chausses room?

Last week during my Journalism,  I saw the freshmen in gym class walking around by the window of Mrs. Chausse’s classroom. I heard what sounded like a bird in distress. The freshmen looked surprised. Some of them stopped and started screeching back. I had to go investigate. When I went outside I saw a brown, black and white bird that was the size a soccer ball. After I showed a picture of the bird to Mr. Luther, he came to the conclusion that it was a Killdeer. Then we went outside to investigate why the bird was just standing there. Mr. Luther pointed out the black and white eggs sitting in the dirt.

This bird is protecting its eggs from harm.  So beware of the Killdeer its only protecting its babies. If you want a closer view check out the video below.

4 responses to “Morgan Has a New Mascot

  1. This was a great article. It made more students aware that the bird needs to be left alone and it is not there for people’s entertainment.


  2. It seemed like the bird excited most of the students and faculty! I’m glad that most people are aware of what it is now and will hopefully leave the mother bird and her babies alone!


  3. i like this article because it’s so different and it’s interesting to see how the younger grades are and act around things. The video was pretty cool. And the bird looks so big in the video.Plus WHAT A GOOD MOM!!


  4. It’s disappointing to hear that students in my class are immature. Hopefully the bird and it’s eggs end up alright.


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