Swoosh for Change is a Success

Days after the game the students are still raving about the events and the overall experience of  Swoosh for Change. Last year was the kick off of Swoosh for Change which was started by the Class of 2014. Even though last year’s event was great, the President and Vice President of the Junior Class, PaulMichael Mullally and Liz Bradley, had even higher expectations for this year’s event. Last year Swoosh for Change 2012 raised $1000, of which $500 went to KONY 2012. Swoosh for Change 2013 donated 50% of the profits to the Chase Kowalski Memorial Fund. This year the event brought in $2000 from tickets, donations, food, and merchandise!  For more details about the planning for the event see the Swoosh for Change article and video.

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2 responses to “Swoosh for Change is a Success

  1. Great article! I think it is great that we raised $2,000, that is amazing. This was a great fundrasier, and hopefully it sticks around for years to come!


  2. Although this article was short, it was impressive. I enjoyed the pictures and I’m sure it gave the whole Morgan community confidence in the fact we raised that much money. Swoosh for change was very successful.


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