Another Game, Another Win

Coach, Joe Grippo (picture via

Written by Maina Carey |

The Morgan Girls Volleyball team blew away the competition in Wednesday’s match at Valley Regional High School. The ending score for our stellar varsity team was 3-0 the best game finishing 25-8, the others 25-20 and 25-15. Although there is always room for improvement, our girls stepped it up and played with intensity, especially during the first game. Sarah Dahlberg, junior, made eighteen kills out of thirty attempts. Kait Anderson, sophomore, earned 13 service points out of 18 attempts, overall. Lily Dawson, our junior varsity setter, who made 3 out of 3 digs, as well as Sami Ashton, a freshman, made 2 out of 2 digs.  Our underclassmen do have some talent! Wish the team luck as they face Old Lyme tonight, October 12th, at Old Lyme High School. Hopefully, we’ll see you there!

(Statistics derived from the Morgan School Volleyball team’s Max Preps page.)

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