Not Your Ordinary Shush Spot

The Learning Commons
Several Morgan seniors are enjoying the new booths in our Learning Commons

Written by Steph Strucaly

What do you think of when you think of a library? Books are an obvious answer, but would you ever think of diner booths or iPads mounted on the walls? Well, soon enough you’ll see it because the Morgan library will have just that. Students by now have been able to see some of the exciting new changes in the library, including the upbeat green walls, the sleek wooden tables and chairs, and of course the already popular diner booths. The library’s design is proving to be a thumbs-up for students.
Every year, the Board of Trustees in town gives Morgan money for improving the school, and this year was no different. Mrs. Robinson, the school librarian, and other Morgan staff members presented a proposal for redesigning the library. The board agreed that redesigning the library would affect and benefit a large number of people- students and teachers included. As a result, the school was awarded a grant to revamp the library, from books, to computers, to furniture.
So far, the change is definitely noticeable as soon as you walk through the library’s double doors. Besides the booths, the walls, and the desks, a whole new fiction reading corner has been built, with four comfortable lounge chairs and a total of 300 book titles added to the library’s collection. In addition, the library holds a brand new mobile laptop cart that will allow students to conveniently sit alone and get their work done. The art club is also contributing to the design by creating canvases that will eventually be displayed on the walls. In the future, Mrs. Robinson, who has led the design, hopes to have an iPad lab or even mount iPads on the walls besides the booths for better accessibility.
“The library is the hub of the school,” says Mrs. Robinson, “so I want students to feel comfortable yet still be able to get their work done”. Mrs. Robinson’s design has given a culture switch to the idea of a “library”. Now, the library isn’t just your ordinary shush spot. Morgan students don’t have to go to the library purely for books; they can go to the new Learning Commons to grow socially and have the opportunity to use technology in their daily schoolwork. “Our library is used now for a lot of different purposes. And students are welcome to come and provide me with any new suggestions they have to improve the space even more.”