Why You Love Your Teacher


Written by Emily Card |

May 7th to May 11th is a very special week nationwide known as Teacher Appreciation Week.  Take a moment to say thank you to your teachers, and let them know how much you appreciate  their hard work and dedication.  Today, two of our journalists, Emily Card and Serafina Sicigano, took the time to ask students, as well as a few teachers,  what they value most about their teachers.

Megan McAllister:  My teachers are always in school before the students are preparing for the day.

Jessica Choronzy: 
They’re helpful, and are always willing to assist us with any problem in and outside of school.

Jordan Treichel: My teachers are all understanding, and willing to work with me!

Austin Digianni: Many of my teachers have fun while they teach which makes all the difference.

Matt Laudano:  Through the college process, my teachers have helped from the start, especially with college essays.  Also, if I’m confused in class, teachers never have a problem taking time to explain the material until I understand the subject.

Peter Natowich:
Everything, what’s not to appreciate!

Ryan Reynolds:
My teachers are all very friendly and nice

Senora Luther:  When I was in school, my teachers taught me to never lower my expectations

Katt Wilkinson:  Everyday, my teachers are hard at work, making us better people.

Alaina Hartnett:  My teachers are all enthusiastic about the subject they’re teaching!

Ms. Healey: In school my teachers were always willing to lend a helping hand

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