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The Student News Site of The Morgan School

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The Student News Site of The Morgan School

The Morgan PawPrint


    A Taste of Poetry


    No Expiration Date

    By Brianna Murphy

    “No Expiration Date” – Brianna Murphy

    Laying on the cold hard ground,
    Looking up at the dark night sky,
    The grass is wet,

    I can barely move.
    I struggle to keep my eyes open, But I can’t.
    As they close,

    I hear footsteps;

    I don’t know who they belong to.
    I’m afraid to move.
    I turn my head slightly,

     I see a figure in the smoke
    It’s coming closer

    I’m frozen with fear.
    Just barely breathing!
    As he stands over me,
    Crying seems like my only option.

    But I can’t!
    He’s thinking he has won.
    I see his hand in the mist.
    He’s reaching for my arms,

    No! I’m screaming,
    Not like this!
    Just one last fight!
    There is much more to do!

    A family,
    A white picket fence.

    I can’t see his face,
    Only his figure,
    He’s backing away.
    Go away! Far away!

    As I lay there,
    His figure dissipates.
    I can hear the sirens;
    I see the wreck

    I can feel the pain.

    There’s a man,
    He says it’s alright.
    I’ve cheated death!
    And I now know,
    I shouldn’t have sent the last text

    Bees on Knees

    By Nathaniel Wenker

    “Bees on Knees” – Nathaniel Wenker

    We’re so misunderstood, my brother bees and I.
    You call my people killers, happy to see us die.
    You couldn’t be more wrong, we don’t live to take your breath.
    We suffer through the empty night and only wish for death.

    Life for us is terrible; we are hunted every day.
    You find it right to kill us because ‘it’s the only way.’
    Every Bee gets to a point when it ponders suicide.
    Protecting our brothers helps us at least to die in stride.
    So next time you feel the urge to spray a near-by hive,
    Just realize that it is you that keeps us both alive.

    If any student readers would like to submit poetry, along with pictures or other artistic works, feel free to submit them at [email protected]