All About Husky Helper Day


Morgan High School students participated in last years Husky Helper Day but washing and cleaning emergency vehicles at the Fire House

Written by Emily Card |

May 18th 2012, is going to be a unique day to The Morgan School.  That Friday the school will come together as a whole to participate in Husky Helper Day.  Throughout the day,  students will be performing various community service acts across Clinton.  This is the second Husky Helper Day the Morgan School will be hosting, but just exactly how does it come together?  At a  meeting with Mrs. O’Brien, one of the guidance counselors at Morgan, she informed me of a very important group, The Morgan Alliance Council, also known as MAC,  headed by Sally O’Brien.  Mrs. O’Brien explained that this behind the scene group is fully responsible for securing the sites in the community, and “absolutely wonderful”.  “Kids need to appreciate how much time the parents take to organize all of the sites everything down to the buses, lunches and the forms;  they all take a lot of detail.”   Mrs. O’Brien continued, “The kids want to help, and it’s nice seeing teenagers give back; it’s a group effort”.  This is true.  For one day,  it’s great to see my classmates working together for the same purpose, toward the same goal.

Was the Morgan Alliance Council the only group to assist in organizing Husky Helper Day?  Mrs. O’Brien answered, “No, Mr. Jacobson, along with Mrs. Rivas took over scheduling the sites for students and sorting through the many request forms.”  Mrs. O’Brien explained how she, along with Mrs.Hagness acted as the bridge between Mr. Jacobson and Mrs. Rivas, and  MAC, “it’s a joint effort”.

What sites are available for students to contribute to?  Students were given a lengthy list and were told to choose their top eight most desirable volunteer locations.  Activities ranged from beach clean ups at both Hammonasset and Clinton beach, Forgotten Felines, boxes for soldiers, grounds work at various locations around Clinton, including mulching the Pierson playground, Entertainment by Mr. Lampe and the chorus for Senior Citizens as well as painting projects by the art club.  Additionally, Mrs. Chausse and Mrs. Frydenborg will oversee students who will be capturing the day’s events through tweets and photography on smart phones and cameras.  Although this is a fun day for students,  it’s important that they realize these small acts of kindness go a long way, and make a big difference in their community.

Be on the lookout for the Morgan School students on the town on May 18th.  A big thank you to all of those who have contributed to making this day possible. It has not gone unappreciated.  Although Husky Helper Day 2011  was a great accomplishment, let’s make 2012 another one to remember.