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    Senior Spotlight: Shannon Blencowe


    Written by Steph Strucaly |

    Shannon Blencowe’s  work will be featured at the Art Gallery at The Mill House: “Artful Women,” Atelier students of Claudia Post on June 2-30 2012.  The opening reception is on Saturday June 2 from 2-5 p.m.

    What kind of art do you create?  What is your favorite style of art?
    I make  representational work, like fine art.  I do a lot of illustrations and pen inks.

    When did you realize art was something you wanted to pursue? What or who inspired you?
    I would say I knew I wanted to do something serious with art in middle school, so around 6th grade.  My main supporter would definitely have to be my mom.

    What formal training have you received?  
    I take private art lessons with a local artist.  Her name’s Claudia Post.  And then I’ve also taken several classes at local art centers.

    I know that you plan on studying art next year.  Can you tell me what school you are going to and what you plan on studying there?  What kind of goals or aspirations do you have?
    I’m going to Montserrat College of Art, and I plan on majoring in illustration with a minor in creative writing.  I’ve also been thinking about doing two years of grad school at a film college.  I’m really interested in working in the movie industry for a career, like with character design.

    How much time do you spend working on your artwork?  Does it become hard to manage your time with school work and your art?
    Once a month I have an eight hour pastel class.  I keep daily sketch books that I spend time on before bed, when I’m bored in school, and between or in classes.  Definitely when I was preparing my portfolio for college, I was the most busy.  I had to take days off from school to get it done.

    Is there one piece you are the most proud of?  Why that piece?
    There is one piece of mine called “destruction of man”.  It’s a pastel of a sculpture bust of a woman, a skull, and an alcohol bottle.  I like it because I feel it’s accurate to what I was trying to draw.  It gives off a message to the viewer too.

    What recognition have  your pieces received?
    I won third place in the pastel category at a local art show at Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts, and I received a scholarship to Montserrat for my portfolio I submitted.

    Is there a project or a piece you are working on right now?
    Yes, I’m working on a pastel that includes a garden sculpture of an angel and just a lot of classical elements.

    How have you used your artistic talent here at Morgan and in the community?
    I worked on both the murals, the one outside of the library and the one in the business hallway.  The business hallway mural, “A Mural with a Story” won the 2010 Prevention Program Award.  I’ve also taught at the Tracy Art Center for a kids’ program.

    How has Morgan helped you with your artwork?
    Morgan exposed me to different styles of art.  I got to experiment with portraiture for the first time in Ms. Neri’s class, and now I find myself doing a lot of portraits.

    If someone is interested in viewing your art, where can they find it?
    A majority of work is on Facebook, but I also have some of my work displayed on  I also have a show coming up in June at the Mill Gallery in Chester.  It’s a group show with some of Claudia Post’s other students.