What Lies Beyond the Fence


The Morgan Boys 2011 Fencing Team


Written by Dan Zumpano and Ryan Donovan

There are some sports that transcend the typical fan’s view of athletic performance. The main sports that our nation thrives upon are football, basketball and baseball. Then there are those less popular but still as appealing sports like hockey, lacrosse and soccer. However,  the more prestigious sports get lost sometimes in the fabric of American sports. Golf, tennis and horse racing are among the most elegant and beloved sports in our country. And among those more illustrious sports there is the wide world of fencing. These brave young men and women dressed in jackets wave around their parisers (swords) in one of the most interesting and surprisingly violent sports in the world. Fencing has been in every single modern Olympic Games, and now it’s gracing the halls of The Morgan School. This year marked the first year in history that Morgan had the privilege of having its own fencing squadron. Sophomores Patrick McAllister, John Chann, Ryan Caprio, Steven Barnett and freshman Erin Barnett are the brave young men and woman who fight for this school.  Coach Jim Barnett started his own program called ICONN. He started out by having his son,Steven,and daughter, Erin, try out his new favorite hobby. This project grew immensely, and eventually some Morgan students started to get involved. The club was developed this year and Morgan actually got some big wins against schools with actual teams. Daniel Hand, Cheshire and the North Haven junior varsity squad were among those that Morgan defeated this year. Five fencers started the Morgan Fencing Club, and two of them made it to the state tournament. John Chann and Steven Barnett are the first ever Morgan fencing state tournament representatives. “They did pretty well in the tournament, and we had a blast getting to watch them battle,” said Patrick McAllister. These two fencers surprised a lot of people this year in a not so well known sport to the school. McAllister went on to say, “it is a different sport but not to be taken lightly. It can be intense and very serious.” Now that the season is over the fencing club is fundraising for the next season. Also a summer camp will be held for the fencing club with a date to be determined. We will be watching for this new sport to be a spectacle at the Morgan school.