Lending a Paw: Junior Prom

Tune in to the Pawprint for weekly advice about anything and everything a high school student wants to know!

Tune in to the Pawprint for weekly advice about anything and everything a high school student wants to know!

Where do I get a dress/tux that is affordable and cute?

I know of girls that have gotten dresses for under $150 for prom, and they were adorable! I also heard that at the Crystal Hanger here in Clinton a guy could get a tux for $80. Surprisingly enough David’s Bridal has affordable cute gowns. Also the more generic department stores like JCPenny, Sears, and Macy’s have cute yet affordable prom dresses and tuxes. If you are nervous that there will be a duplicate of your dress if you get it from a department store and you do not mind spending up to $400, then Aussies in both Guilford and Madison are popular places to get prom dresses.

Who pays for what and how do I know?

Everyone knows prom is expensive.  In some cases, you can split the expenses between you and your date, but in certain situations you can’t.  Whether  you’ve been asked by someone in your grade, outside of your grade, or outside of your school, your date will most likely pay for both of your tickets just because THEY asked YOU.  Especially if you were asked to someone else’s prom, you can can assume they won’t ask you to pay for your own ticket.  But to be clear, if you do ask someone to your prom, be aware they might expect you to pay for them.  If are you going to prom with someone in your grade, it all depends on how close you two are: Are you two in a relationship?  Are you good friends?  Are you in a few classes together but aren’t really close outside of school? If you don’t feel like you and your date are close enough where he would offer to pay for your ticket, then just pay for your own.  But if your date does offer, thank him or her and maybe offer to pay for his or her limo expense.  Speaking of limo expenses, a lot of friends agree to pay for limos or party buses together (depending how far away the prom venue is).  Just like tickets, deciding who pays for the ride is completely the same.  Yes, one expense might be bigger than the other, but if the money situation is a little cloudy between you and your date, just have one of you pay for tickets and the other pay for the ride.   

How do I make all of my friends happy?

To be honest with you, you can’t. You can’t make all of your friends happy because at the end of the day you are going to want something that one of your friends may not agree with. Take it from someone with experience: make yourself happy! You only get one junior prom and its only a few hours long.  Whether your are going with a friend or going with someone you have feelings for, do what will make you the happiest because when you look back on that night and see what you took from it, you want to know that you didn’t have any “what ifs,” and you had a great time! Enjoy this night even if you are flying solo and going with your friends. We don’t get to dress up and be elegant often: enjoy it!

Table Drama: How do I handle it?

Who you’re going to sit and eat with at prom is the question everyone has once he or she has bought a ticket.  Just like any other prom dilemma, deciding your table all depends on who you go with.  If you’re going alone, don’t worry about it and just sit with your closest group of friends.  No sweat.  If you and your date are in the same grade, try to find prom couples that you both know.  If there are none, you could always sit with his or her friends at the table but take pictures with your friends, or vice versa.  The key in that situation is just to compromise and make sure each of you are comfortable and happy throughout the night.  But if you’re taking someone outside of your grade or school for that matter, then your date should understand that it is YOUR prom and that you are going to want to sit with whomever you are most comfortable with.  But in any case, choose the table you know you and your date with have fun at.