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Make sure that your poem in in your pocket on April 26th

Make sure that your poem is in your pocket on April 26th

Written by Steph Strucaly and Alex Kamnitzer |

Poem in your Pocket day got its start in 2002 when the city of New York encouraged people to carry poems in their pocket to recite to others. In celebration of National Poetry Month (April) in 2009, the Academy of American Poets turned this idea into a national Poem in your Pocket Day. Last year, Mrs. Chausse’s junior honors English class planned to bring the celebration to Morgan. “We were very pleased last year with the number of students and teachers who participated. This year’s Poem in your Pocket Day falls on a half day which may make it more challenging for students and teachers to share their poems.” So when do you need that poem in your pocket by, you ask? National Poem in your Pocket Day is on April 26th. Morgan plans to join in that same day, so go find a poem in order to be eligible to win prizes such as gift cards to Coldstone or Dunkin’ Donuts or bags of candy. For bringing in a poem and presenting it to your English teacher, you will receive one ticket; two tickets for reading it out loud, and three tickets for memorizing it. Students are welcome to bring in a poem they wrote or look through the poetry section in our library,, or