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Let’s start off with the formalities, shall we? My name is Heather Vollhardt. I’m 15, and I am currently a sophomore here at The Morgan School. My friends describe me as a person who has a balance of seriousness and humor. I’ve also been known to be very serious about my school work. I was absolutely ecstatic to be able to have my own page on The Morgan PawPrint. Writing has always been serious a passion of mine.

About this page:

This page was created for every student to have a place to share their creative pieces. These creative pieces can range from photographs, poems, short stories and more. This page will be updated once every other week if school work isn’t too heavy. I plan to share my works along with those who are willing to send in their work. I want this to be a site where no one feels ashamed or embarrassed to show their work. So if you would like so send some of your works to this site please feel free to email me at or

fullsizerSo to start this new page, let me show you a short little piece that I wrote a little while back.

Many people seem to like me. Various people will say they like a different version of me. But I’m mostly known for the various hues that make up my personality, the brights and darks and everything in between.

Some days I’m vibrant, proud, and bubbly. I pour my heart and soul into every bit of work that I do. I start conversations with those I normally wouldn’t,  and I treat everyone with kindness and respect. People say that on those days I’m like a puppy who just saw its owner affullsizer-1ter several hours of being home alone.

Other days I’m mellow, placid, and unique. I work endlessly to get things finished, I plan out my work and get things done. I speak calmly, converse with those who wish to be spoken to. On those days I like to compare myself to a simple tree swaying in the breeze, going with the flow, simply following the endless stream of life.

Then thfullsizer-2ere are those rare days where I’m dull, murky and silent. I attempt at my best to work but find it hard to focus.  I‘m quiet and seldom communicate unless I’ve been provoked; my mind at war with constant thoughts. I’m an aged stone in a meadow of magnificent flowers.