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Climate Committee Info

The Morgan Climate Committee is a committee that acts as a liaison between the Administration and the students, facilitating discussion, and making sure that both parties completely understand each others’ points of view.

Next Meeting: Wednesday, May 31, E Period

Administrative Members:
Mrs. Keri Hagness, Principal
Mr. Tyler Webb, Vice Principal
Mrs. Laura Luther, Student Council Adviser

Student Members:
Burton Caldwell, Senior
Daniel Radka, Sophomore
Caleb Adams-Hull, Sophomore
Rachel Flanagan, Sophomore
Erin Lindsay, Sophomore
Joelle Vuilleumier, Sophomore
Analyse Olcott, Freshman

Monthly Meeting Minutes

Climate Committee
First Meeting

In attendance:
-Mrs. Hagness, Mr. Webb, Mrs. Luther, Rachel Flanagan, Joelle Vuilleumier, Erin Lindsay, Dan Radka, Caleb Adams Hull, Burton Caldwell and Annalyse Olcott. Wyatt Reu will be in attendance at the next meeting. Invite Mr. Messina to attend.
-Attendance will be taken at each meeting. Students must let teachers know that they will be attending. Moreover, students are responsible for work missed. With that said, students will need to stay in E period if they are not doing well in said class.
-Explanation of Committee purpose
-Trust and respect are the driving forces
-Communication and transparency
-We are liaisons between the Student Body, the teachers and the Administration
-How do we view our climate now?
-Invite staff and welcome their attendance at our meetings
-Open invitation for all students??? Different meetings for core and for open?
-Yes, to open invitation. No, to two different meeting. We will start with one.
-Monthly meeting on Wednesdays.
-How do we use this?
-Survey only during this time.
-Climate Committee should be presented to the school on May 9, 2017
-Need to make a presentation to the 9th-11th graders (What we are? What do we do? How we plan on accomplishing this? Tell them about the survey). Dan is on this! The presentation will be shared with all of us so we can add to it.
-Send out a survey to Class of 2018, 2019, 2020 regarding their thoughts and ideas for Climate Committee to be addressed in 2017-2018

-How can your voice be heard?
-answer survey questions, attend meetings, express ideas to Committee members
Items mentioned by students:
-Courtyard- Open when glass is repaired in Mrs. Natale’s room
-Poor planning / Last minute planning / Late notice
-Can we push calendar reminders via Google Calendar to let students know of events?
-Can we get events to pop up on student calendars? Speak with Mr. Rossi
-Bulletin boards need to be done by Student Council members and updated with events
-Place one in the Lower Hub on a tripod
-Place one in the Upper Hub
-Not having a planner has become an issue for everyone
-My Homework Student Planner App on the Chromebook
-Use the calendar app
Next meeting: -Tuesday, May 9, 2017, at 7:15 am in room A37, Mrs. Luther’s room
-Wednesday, May 31, 2017, during E period

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