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Being in the Spotlight

Serafina Sicignano who will be Golde Friday 30th and Sunday April 1st and Dan Zumpano who will be Tevye Thursday 29th and Saturday 31st.

March 27, 2012

Written by Serafina Sicignano | While Fiddler On the Roof is not the first musical that I have had a lead in, (In Thoroughly Modern Millie, I was Muzzy Van Hossmere), the feelings I am experiencing, especially this week are very similar. The next two weeks of my life are fondly referred to as Hell Week. During the...

Starting Off Young

Starting Off Young

March 26, 2012

Written by Alex Kamnitzer | Ever wonder what it feels like to be in a high school play as a middle school student or even a third grader? Well, this year the Morgan High School’s play ,Fiddler on the Roof, features 13 young cast members. Now, these are not just your ordinary young people. They went through the same audition process as any...

What is The Morgan PawPrint?

2012 Morgan PawPrint Staff

March 23, 2012

Written by Maria Putnam | This year The Morgan School is introducing a new school newspaper and online blog, The Morgan Paw Print. The Morgan Paw Print was created by a journalism class, which is an elective with Mrs. Chausse. Earlier in the year, when the blog first came out, there was some conflict with the original school ...

Rockin’ the Runway for a Reason

Rockin' the Runway for a Reason

March 16, 2012

Written by Steph Strucaly and Kristine Adams This past Friday, March 9, Morgan and Eliot students strutted their “stuff” in the Morgan auditorium for the 6th Annual Morgan Interact Prom Fashion Show. Just like a New York Fashion Week show, there was glamour, pumping music, and sassy poses. The over $900...

Shall We Dance?

Shall We Dance?

March 13, 2012

Written by  Serafina Sicignano I attended the dance on March 3rd, 2012, and although not many people attended, I had  one of the best times at this specific dance than all the others I have attended throughout my four years here at Morgan. I knew from the start that this dance wasn’t going to be the most popular ...

Music Talent is Brought Together

March 12, 2012

[wpvideo 1smdhN4w] Written by Alex Kamnitzer Saturday, March 3rd, was the day of The 3rd Annual Coffee House presented by Casey Marsh and Lenny Paul. A collection of students and alumni were brought together at Malone’s (a local coffee shop) to share music, poetry, and laughter with each other in...

A Tasty Reputation

A Tasty Reputation

March 2, 2012

A home cooked meal at school is not just a dream! Written by Destiny D'Zacomo Where can you find a well balanced meal that’s cheap? Look no further, The Morgan School lunches are tasty and nutritious. Mr. Serenbetz has purchased the Morgan school lunch for 33 years and the tradition lives on. According to Mr.Serenbetz, ” I've eaten at a lot of fancy restaraunts and...

Crippling Disease Strikes High School

Senioritis, a growing epidemic

March 2, 2012

Written by Emily Card When you are accepted to college, you feel a sense of overwhelming achievement and excitement. Coming home to find an envelope from your applied to college in the mailbox or on your kitchen table amongst bills and other rubbish, truly creates a variety of emotions: anxiety, antici...

Not Your Ordinary Shush Spot

February 27, 2012

Written by Steph Strucaly What do you think of when you think of a library? Books are an obvious answer, but would you ever think of diner booths or iPads mounted on the walls? Well, soon enough you’ll see it because the Morgan library will have just that. Students by now have been able to see some of the exciting new changes in the library, inclu...

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