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Leaving a Legacy: The Morgan Musical’s Seniors

Leaving a Legacy: The Morgan Musical's Seniors

March 29, 2018

Written by James Saturno | Photos by James Saturno | March 18th marked the end of an era for the Morgan Musical, as many faces who have become synonymous with the program are set to graduate in June. For those graduating, “She Loves Me” served as an exclamation point to punctuate their illustrio...

How Does Morgan Feel About Gun Violence?

How Does Morgan Feel About Gun Violence?

March 16, 2018

Created by James Saturno| [wpvideo WCJw4LfO] On Wednesday, March 14th, The Morgan School held an event during X-Block to express condolences and demonstrate solidarity with the victims of the most recent school shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. There were student performances, ...

Preserving Clinton One Acre At A Time

Preserving Clinton One Acre At A Time

January 19, 2018

By Claire Pease | Photos by Claire Pease and Clinton Land Trust Website| In our small, shoreline town, fifty years ago, the Clinton Land Trust was founded. The Trust was founded by seven people who were all acquaintances. They all had the same need for an organization that people could have trust in. ...

Poem in Your Pocket Day Winners

Logan Cummings and Haley Kells-Murphy

April 27, 2017

Written by Lindsay Harden | Photos by PawPrint Members | Thank you to everyone who participated in this year's Poem in Your Pocket Day! We have seen and heard some great poems. Congrats to our winners: Julia Horan, Matt Luchuck, Angela Recine, Krystina L'Ecuyer, AJ Mastriano, Autumn Johnson, Simon...

Read and Weep: The Female of the Species

Read and Weep: The Female of the Species

February 22, 2017

Written by Abbey Norton | The Female of the Species by Mindy McGinnis Realistic Fiction Anna died, and Alex is a wolf unleashed. Anna was a perfect older sister. She helped Alex be a normal girl, not an animal that ran on her own instincts. With Anna around, she was just a teenager with anger issues. Anna was m...

A Brief Breakdown of Santa Claus

A Brief Breakdown of Santa Claus

December 15, 2016

Written by Sofia Sicignano| *Sources include Santa Claus The History Channel Santa, Father Christmas, Kris Kringel, Papa Noel, Jolly old Saint Nick: Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, it's hard not to have heard of Santa Claus in one form or another. This mystical being has been a symbol of the...

Clinton Celebrates the Holidays

Clinton Celebrates the Holidays

December 14, 2016

Written by Gabby Vigorito| Photos by Gabby Vigorito| The 21st annual Christmas in Clinton was held on Sunday, December 4, 2016. From 1pm-6pm, the town came together to celebrate the holidays throughout the center of Clinton. The Scheduled Events included: Soups On, which was hosted by Families Helping F...

Unfiltered with Sofia and Lindsay: The Pilot

Unfiltered with Sofia and Lindsay: The Pilot

December 5, 2016

Video Created by Lindsay Harden and Sofia Sicignano | Enjoy ;) [wpvideo GcmQqdFo]

What’s Your Story?

What's Your Story?

November 17, 2016

Written by MacKenzie Miller | Each year, Clinton Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) holds a Reflections Art Competition for students in Eliot and Morgan which is associated with National PTA Reflections Art Competition. Local Clinton winners advance to the State competition which can advance into the Na...

Trump Supporters and Their Approach on “Making America Great Again”

Trump Supporters and Their Approach on

May 4, 2016

Written by Hannah Gaudet and Emily Sordo| As the election approaches, tension rises. The recent debacle of the Morgan School is the aggressive approach Trump supporters take on promoting him with the use of stickers. If you take a glance around the school, you will see Trump stickers placed on locke...

Trust And Believe with Shaun T

Trust And Believe with Shaun T

April 12, 2016

Written By Quinn Pender Photos By: Quinn Pender Cover Photo By: Quinn Pender Shaun T is the most inspirational person I have ever met in my entire life. He is a sports and science fitness expert and also a part of the fitness corporation Beachbody. Shaun T is one of many that creates  fitness DVDs and promotes them online, in infomercials, and at live events. On TV,  there are several channels that promote Shaun's exercise programs. One popular one is called Insanity and is a h...

The Popular Restaurant: Cristy’s

The Popular Restaurant: Cristy's

April 1, 2016

Written By Quinn Pender Cristy's was voted one of the best breakfast restaurants on the Shoreline in 2015. A lot of kids along the Shoreline come to eat Cristy's wonderful food and drink its amazing coffee. Also there are a lot of summer people that live in other states who come down and live along...

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