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Through The Eyes of a Student Representative

Through The Eyes of a Student Representative

June 12, 2014

Written by Aj Rai|  I started out freshman year confused, socially awkward, and very quiet. Throughout my freshman year, I felt alone and always out of place at The Morgan School. I was never achieving...

The OG school as Mike is the OG custodian

Vote “Yes” for The Board of Education Budget

June 3, 2014

Written by  AJ Rai | On May 14 , 2014, the voters of Clinton, Connecticut voted down the  Board of Education 2014 budget: 1,315 to 1,327. The budget was defeated by only twelve votes. As a result the...

A’ric Jackson: Dream Achiever

May 29, 2014

Written by A.J. Rai and Riley Cronan Pictures by Kevin Moran A'ric Jackson, a speaker,  teacher, a motivator and an entrepreneur, spoke to students on May 6th at an all school advisory assembly. He...

Summertime = Job Time

May 28, 2014

Written By AJ Rai| Summer is right around the corner, and students will have more free time. That means that students should be looking for summer cash! There are many opportunities during the summer...

Whats in Morgan Students Pockets?

What’s in Morgan Students’ Pockets?

May 7, 2014

Created by Aj Rai| [wpvideo qsLMQ0Dn]  

True Life: Katie Costello

True Life: Katie Costello

April 9, 2014

Written by: Aj Rai | Katie Costello is currently a senior at The Morgan School. Katie Costello is a woman with many hats: she’s a cheerleader, flutist, and a friend. She has a way of making people...

Picture Perfect Juniors

Picture Perfect Juniors

April 7, 2014

written by: Aj Rai| Junior Prom was held at Wood Winds in Branford, Ct. The prom was nicely cordinated with a great disc jockey  and a candy bar. Everyone who went had a great time dancing and  soicalizing....

Through the Eyes of Jaime Fitzgerald

Through the Eyes of Jaime Fitzgerald

April 4, 2014

By AJ Rai and Lily Dawson | Featured image via   Four years, 732 days, or 2 million minutes is the amount of time Jaime Fitzgerald has spent in The Morgan School. A senior who has...

One Day, One Poem, Your Pocket

One Day, One Poem, Your Pocket

March 28, 2014

Written By Aj Rai and Lily Dawson| Picture from Pinterest   Poem in your Pocket day started in 2002 when the city of New York encouraged people to carry poems in their pocket to recite to others....

Knee Slapping Sports Pics

Knee Slapping Sports Pics

March 19, 2014

Written by Ajeetej S. Rai and Lily Dawson| Some of the sports images taken to capture athletes at the height of their game are truly funny, and some are embarrassing. What do the players think of these...

Mrs.Neumanns Departure

Mrs.Neumann’s Departure

February 12, 2014

Written By: Aj Rai and Lily Dawson| We walked in freshman year new to the building, to the environment, the faculty, and administration. One faculty member new to the school that year was Kathleen Neumann....

Prom Fashion Advice

Prom Fashion Advice

February 6, 2014

By: Aj Rai and Lily Dawson | The talk of prom has already started amongst girls, and as a result, dresses are already  being purchased. So what are the new trends? Should I be wearing a simple dress...

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