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Social Media is Lying To You

Social Media is Lying To You

Jenna Wayne, Writer, Reporter December 13, 2022

Social Media has a huge impact on young minds and the well-being of teens. Studies show social media can be linked to depression, anxiety, loneliness, self-harm, and suicide. The false personas created...

Morgan Shares Their Favorite Snacks

Jenna Wayne, Writer, Reporter November 14, 2022

Morgan Volleyball Celebrates 10 Seniors

Morgan Volleyball Celebrates 10 Seniors

Jenna Wayne, Writer, Reporter October 27, 2022

On October 27, 2022, Morgan volleyball will say goodbye to 10 of their loved seniors. Amelia Whelan, Kacey Edwards, Eva O’Sullivan, Magdalena Lagos, Julia Kelly, Sofie Passante, Maddie O’Sullivan,...

A Letter To Ms. Peterson

A Letter To Ms. Peterson

A passionate teacher, a beloved colleague, an inspiring friend: Spanish teacher Susan Peterson left an indelible mark on Morgan student and faculty. With a heavy heart she leaves The Morgan School on...

Holocaust Speaker Andy Sarkany

Never Again-Never Forget

Jenna Wayne, Writer, Reporter May 4, 2022

On April 26, Morgan had the privilege of having a guest speaker who lived through the Holocaust. The speaker’s name is Andy Sarkany, and he was a child during the Holocaust. He was born in Budapest,...

Chef Jay

Morgan’s New Lively Kitchen Manager

Crisangel Afanador and Jenna Wayne April 13, 2022

The new kitchen manager, Chef Jay, is a great addition to the Morgan cafeteria. Chef Jay came to Morgan because he wanted a better quality of work-life, and Morgan provided that for him. His impression...

Play Dodge For A Difference 2022

Crisangel Afanador and Jenna Wayne April 11, 2022

Music:  Tokyo Drift by Teryaki Boyz

Laura Orn & Josephine Simon Working

Academic Activities In Morgan’s Classrooms

Jenna Wayne and Crisangel Afanador February 11, 2022

Mrs. Frydenborg Freshman English Class Radio Show On Wednesday, January 5th, 2022, English teacher Julie Frydenborg and her Freshman English honors class hosted a radio show based on Book 10 of the Iliad....

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