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Biden signs executive orders at the start of his presidency. 
Image via ABC Chicago

What Morgan Students Expect From President Joe Biden

Clara Franzoni and Abby Eydman January 25, 2021

On January 20th, President Biden was inaugurated as the 46th President of the United States. The election process that seemed to last for decades and an election fraud conspiracy are now behind us as we...

Computer parts in Ryans home.

Morgan PawParazzi: Senior Spotlight Ryan Nguyen

Clara Franzoni and Abby Eydman January 14, 2021

When the first wave of the Coronavirus turned our day-to-day lives upside down, the reliance on digital technology became more and more prominent. Computers became one of the few ways our school community...

Morgan PawParazzi: New Year’s Resolutions

Clara Franzoni and Abby Eydman December 22, 2020

As 2021 approaches, Morgan staff and students have begun to set goals for themselves. Whether it be a new hobby, turning in work on time, or making new friends, it is common to start a new year fresh....

Morgan PawParazzi: Mrs. Leiss Gets a Holiday Art Room Makeover

Clara Franzoni and Abby Eydman December 18, 2020

When English teacher Mr. Carroll started at The Morgan School in 2019, he proposed a tradition to decorate one special and worthy teacher’s classroom with holiday decorations before the winter break....

Image via Abby Eydman

Opinion: Is Joe Biden’s Healthcare Plan the Best for America?

Abby Eydman, Reporter December 15, 2020

The lack of health insurance and access to healthcare is plaguing the United States of America. According to the US Census, 27.5 million Americans did not have health insurance at any point during the...

What Are You Looking Forward To?

Clara Franzoni and Abby Eydman December 10, 2020

In these troubling times, it can be hard to find the positive. This week, we ask Morgan staff and students what they are looking forward to! Watch this video to see what brings joy and excitement to our...

Students of Journalism class attend a Google Meet

Morgan PawParazzi: What COVID School Model Works Best?

Abby Eydman and Clara Franzoni December 8, 2020

Ever since the start of the 2020-2021 Morgan school year, students and staff have been met with uncertainty surrounding the schedules that have been put into place to keep students and staff safe from...

Student Group Photo

CT Youth Forum: Finding Your Happiness

Abby Eydman, Reporter November 20, 2020

Images via Connecticut Youth Forum The Connecticut Youth Forum, a division of the Connecticut Forum, describes itself as “a community outreach program...that for the past 29 years has been providing...

Morgan PawParazzi: What Are You Thankful For?

Clara Franzoni and Abby Eydman November 19, 2020

For many in the Morgan community, this school year has attributed to stressful situations and uncertainty. With the threat of COVID-19, we all have had the time to reassess our priorities and what is truly...

Front Entrance to White House

Opinion: Should The United States Abolish The Electoral College?

Abby Eydman, Reporter November 13, 2020

  The United States is unique in the way it selects the president and vice president every four years because it uses a system known as the Electoral College. On election day, citizens...

Morgan PawParazzi: Senior Spotlight Abby Gordon

Abby Eydman and Clara Franzoni November 6, 2020

For this week’s Senior Spotlight, we feature Abby Gordon. Abby, known to be an incredible field hockey athlete at Morgan, also expresses a great passion for horseback riding. At Claddagh Ridge, Abby...

Morgan PawParazzi: What is it Like Being an ECA Student?

Clara Franzoni and Abby Eydman November 2, 2020

For any student who feels that their passion for the arts are not being met by The Morgan School and its curriculum, dual enrollment with New Haven’s Educational Center for the Arts might be a good...

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