Freshman Experience Prepares Students

Socially And Academically


Zoe Ruggiero

Mrs. Robinson’s classroom

Library Media Teacher Shannon Robinson, one of the freshman experience teachers said that she thinks the main point of the class is to get the freshman acclimated with the new school academically and socially. She never gets bored of teaching the same thing because she feels that, ¨Every semester is different because there are different students.¨
For a few weeks, the freshman taking the class were exploring the college of their choice. Mrs. Robinson said she likes teaching because it was interesting seeing the college her students are interested in. She said, ¨I think the students enjoyed that the most which made me enjoy it.¨

Mrs. Robinson (Zoe Ruggiero)

She has been teaching in general for 22 years but 12 at Morgan. Mrs. Robinson worked at Bethel School but she didn’t work in a high school level so she didn’t know if there was a freshmen course. Mrs. Robinson shared, ¨I became a freshmen experience teacher because when COVID-19 hit we needed extra classes for our freshmen to take and freshmen experience was built for that and I enjoyed teaching it so I stayed with it.¨
She also said she likes working at her current job. She said, “Morgan is a special place for me and I enjoy the small town community and getting to know my students. I don’t think I would want to work in a big school.¨
As a student of Mrs. Robinsons, her teaching style is to be patient and helpful as much as she can. She knows how to help her students no matter where they’re stuck. She always plays ambiance in the background of her classroom to give it a calming relaxing atmosphere.