Miss Chaplar: Laugh and Learn

New English Teacher Winning Students’ Hearts


Phoenix Maynard

Miss Chaplar in her classroom.

English teacher Maile Chaplar’s students agree that she is a very enjoyable teacher. She has a great sense of humor and a great way of teaching. Some students say they have never had a teacher help them so well. Freshman Kasey Allin even said they have no more struggles with writing because of Miss Chaplar.

Two different seniors said she’s their favorite teacher. Skylar Lane said Miss Chaplar is the “coolest teacher I’ve met.” Tod Bellinger agreed, adding, “She’s done a great job for her time here.” Both seniors agreed that, even though they won’t be here next year, they want everyone to meet and have the same fantastic experience that they’ve had with her in the future.

Miss Chaplar is a temporary English teacher at The Morgan School. She is replacing English teacher Amanda Auger, who will be out for the rest of the year on child-rearing leave. The now temporary English teacher talked about how she’s “happy to have the opportunity” and said, “even if I don’t stay here permanently, I’m glad to have been able to stay here at all.”

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She is not only one of the most understanding and respectful teachers at the school right now in some students’ eyes, but also has one of the best teaching styles.  She makes learning feel almost like a game rather than a chore.

Miss Chaplar loves the Morgan community, even going as far to say it’s better than the school she taught at formerly, Old Saybrook High School. She enjoys the new setting and enjoys meeting new people.  Not only did she move schools, but she moved to this area to teach at Morgan.

Sophomore Skylar Peterson said, “she’s so nice and sweet,” adding, “she makes everything fun.”  Bean Whittle agreed with Skylar on how they both want her as a permanent teacher in the future, wanting every student to meet her.

Students said they feel as if they can talk to her, not only as a teacher, but as a friend. She makes everyone in this school feel welcome, and everyone wants that to continue for more than just the rest of the year. Ms. Chaplar is good at what she does, hardworking, always giving her best performance. She deserves more recognition than she gets.

No one interviewed could find anything bad to say about Miss. Chaplar. Students appreciate how she teaches, acts, and how she interacts with them. They love each and every factor about this semi-permanent English teacher. They want her to stay at The Morgan School.