Introducing Mrs.McKinnon

Special Education Teacher

Michael Sacta, Editor/Writer

This fall The Morgan School special education teacher
Briana McKinnon joined the staff. 

Mrs. McKinnon is a resident of Clinton. The Morgan School was not the first job she had she used to work in a private school. When she saw the Morgan School posting, she applied because she has a son at Joel and felt good working in the same district as her son.

Mrs. McKinnon explained that Morgan is a different experience from other schools.  Her son loves huskies and The Morgan School makes everybody feel like family. She loves the environment and goes to the Friday night lights with her son. 

Mrs. McKinnon’s career path wasn’t always to become a special ed teacher. She has her teaching certification and major in business education. She and Mr. Richetelli both were in graduate school together. She changed her career path to a special education teacher because she loved working with students and helping them be the best they can be.

Before entering the education field, Mrs. McKinnon pursued a career in business and advertising. She was pursuing her MBA but had second thoughts about the work. She didn’t want to work 50 hours a week. She feared her career would take too much time from her family. With her business background,  she can help the students she works with think about the real world. She can help them prepare for life after high school by providing them with a different perspective.

Mrs. McKinnon loves working with high school students because they can joke around with each other and have a civil conversation like adults.

Mrs. McKinnon likes to teach young adults because she can make an impact on the students. When she goes home, she shares with her husband how good it feels to help her students feel proud of their accomplishments.