Scream or Sit for School Spirit?


Written by Katie Costello |
Pep Rally Photos By Shelby Bowman |
Go Pro Filmed By The Morgan Husky |
Video Created By Jonathan Markovics|

Each year the school holds an annual pep rally to kick off the start of all fall sports. Before the pep rally confusion and debate were in the air on whether or not it would be held. Multiple members of the faculty complained that there was not enough notice, and it would interrupt their classroom plans.

After many days of confusion and debate, the pep rally was held on Friday, 9/13. Mrs. Robinson helped all the fall sports plan a team entrance to their song of choice, with each team bursting through a poster decorated with the sport name and the names of the seniors on that team. Each team ran out and made their entrance; the cheerleaders did their performance; one game was played with about 20 people, and the pep rally came to a quick end.

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Being a cheerleader and a big part of the Morgan pep rallies, I wanted to talk to other members of Morgan to see how pep rallies could be improved and how we could encourage school spirit.

Ms. Rizzo explained “I enjoy the pep rallies, but I think that we should involve other students and not just the sports’ teams. Teacher vs. student games are a lot of fun and help the students see us in a different light. I think these games would help more non-sports involved students become a part of the pep rally.”

Ms. Shook said “I don’t think we necessarily need more pep rallies, but they should be longer. ” I also asked Ms. Shook if she felt that the pep rally interfered with her class plans. She said “When given enough notice, and a set date, I would be able to plan around it better. I think we need to change the way people view pep rallies because then when teachers have to take time out of class to participate in them, they will see value in it and not be so hesitant in trying to work around it.” Many students agree that Morgan students and staff should have more opportunities to display school spirit.

Kevin Vo explains “the school should make it clear when they do school spirit related things. Part of the problem is that students don’t know when these events happen, therefore, they can’t plan for it.”

Senior Rachel Sneider worked with the Booster Club to start a Spirit Booth during the lunch waves. She bought and handed out various items to encourage school spirit such as soccer and football removable tattoos, colored beads, pencils, and foam footballs. She also brought face paint and brushes to paint people’s faces with husky paw prints and made posters for the football players that stated their name, number, and other Morgan emblems. When I asked Rachel why she wanted to encourage school spirit and become more involved, she simply said “because no one else does.”

School spirit is all about how we view it. If expressing school spirit is common and everyone gets involved, more students and teachers are likely to be accepting and join along. If school spirit continues to be just another unplanned pep rally leaving half the school and teachers confused and left out, then members of Morgan will become hesitant about getting excited and involved, and therefore, the pep rally won’t be beneficial. In order to promote Morgan spirit and become a united school, pep rallies should be longer, have more games to involve the school as a whole, and should be planned ahead of time.