What I wish I Knew As a Freshman


Ms. Frydenborg’s D period sophomore Class

Written by Shelby Bowman |

Everyone knows that the transition from middle school to high school can be an extremely strange and exciting time, but many upcoming freshmen let a lot of things stress them out.  They worry about things that they shouldn’t. When I was a freshman, I was terrified of the upperclassmen, and I was afraid I would not fit in. I would do everything and anything possible to try to fit in. I wound up changing who I was as a person, and now looking back, I wish that I knew that I should have been myself.  Also, I was so wrapped up in social life and trying to hangout with the cool kids that my grades started to slip. My biggest regret as a freshman was not doing my best in school because grades do matter.  As for fitting in, what I found was that getting involved in different activities will help freshmen meet new people with the same interests as them, therefore making it easier to feel comfortable around others.

The sophomores of Ms. Frydenborg’s D period English class all agreed during freshman year that they should have done all of their homework, attended school everyday, studied ahead of time, asked for extra help, stayed after school, and stayed organized.

Seniors can also look back and remember their freshman year and what they wish they could change if they could do things differently.

Sean Davidson (Senior) “I wish that I had played football my freshman year. Also, I wish that I wouldn’t have stressed so much and enjoyed my years at Morgan more.”

Colton Reynolds (Senior) “I wish I didn’t fall into the wrong crowd. Also, I wish I hadn’t given into peer pressure because it’s not worth it.”

Riley Cronan (Senior) “I wish I would have realized that the people who bully you don’t really matter and that they feel bad about themselves. They are not going to go very far in life by bullying others so I wish I would have known that. Other than that I wouldn’t change anything about my freshman year.”

Olivia Scobie (Senior) “There isn’t much that I would change about my freshman year, but a couple of things I would change would be to study harder, have more fun, and not get wrapped up in the social aspect of school.”