Hot Shot

Hot Shot

Written By Maria Putnam|

It’s that time again! Time for colleges to recruit new basketball players, and this year we are all in for a big surprise. New hot shot prospect Andrew Wiggins is the guy everybody wants, but he’s not like the rest. I don’t say that because his obvious talent with basketball is beyond many others, but because he’s not cocky about it and paparazzi hungry like most.

Andrew Wiggins is an 18 year old, 6’8”, basketball star who was born in Toronto, Canada.  He is said to be the next Lebron James, who himself went straight to the NBA out of high school. His senior year of high school at Huntington, he averaged 23.4 points and 11.1 rebounds per game. Wiggins has narrowed down his choices to four colleges; Kentucky, Florida State, North Carolina, and Kansas. Although fans, teams, and the media are already drooling over him, he is not giving out his decision to anyone, not even family, until Tuesday May 14 at 12:15.

Kansas already has five starters who graduated from teams that won in the Big 12 and Sweet 16. If he did go here, it would ease the pressure on other freshman players. As for North Carolina being an ACC contender, by getting Wiggin’s, it would bring the team publicity. Roy Williams (coach) sticks with traditional line up with two big guys on the floor, four in back. Add Wiggin’s and it would ease pressure on back players.

With Wiggins, Florida State would start in the Top 15. They’d have a great chance of returning to NCAA tournament if he was recruited. Florida State is now at a “middle-of-the-pack” ACC program, but with Wiggins on their team, it would benefit them greatly. Not to mention both of Wiggins’ parents went to Florida State. Kentucky will have one of the top rosters whether Wiggin’s chooses there or not. Although, Kentucky is a basketball crazy state which means a lot of publicity which he is already having problems with.

An Indiana Scout claims, “Everyone is telling me he might be the best prospect since Lebron … Wiggins’ athleticism is at that most elite level.” Take a minute to think about that considering the fame Lebron has, and the fact that Wiggins is already disliking the mass amount of publicity he is getting without even having made his choice yet. He may be a beast at basketball, but he is still a typical teenager who just wants to graduate his senior year.

So who do you think Andrew Wiggins is going to choose? Will it be Florida State where both his parents attended, North Carolina, Kansas, or Kentucky who has a completely different attitude on publicity than Wiggins? Find out his choice tomorrow at 12:15, it will be a surprise for everyone!

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