Dear Betty


Dear Betty,
My parents are going away this weekend and all my friends are pressuring me to have a party, but i don’t really want to, what do I do? Will they think i’m not cool?

                From a stressed high schooler

Dear Stressed High Schooler,
I know this seems like a very tough situation, but you need to think of what you want, not what your friends want.  There is a possibility your friends will get upset, but in the long run, if they don’t respect your wishes, they’re not real friends. You are better off without them.  Most  likely, you’ll be credited for sticking up for yourself.  Let’s just say you want to have a party; always say no!  If you get caught, not only will you get in trouble but so could your parents!  I understand you want to have fun, but you need to be responsible and trustworthy!
From, Betty

Dear Betty, 
I’m a senior this year and i am extremely overwhelmed!  I have to fill out my common app and write my essay but i’m playing a fall sport, i have at least an hour of homework every night and i have to work 20 hours a week.  What can i do to make this easier?
                From an overwhelmed senior

Dear Overwhelmed Senior,
I know what you are going through, and you’re right it is very tough!  There are many adults around that are more than willing to help you out! These adults include the school counselors and other teachers around the school.  Other seniors are going through the same thing so maybe a few of you could work together on your college applications.  You could make it fun with snacks and everything! The more fun and friends the less stressful it will be on you!
From Betty