Roll Tide: Maggie Heads South

Article by Caitlin Rohrbacher |
Photos from Maggie Guba |

Senior Maggie Guba will be attending the University of Alabama next year. She plans on majoring in nursing.

Maggie was looking for a different environment from Clinton. Coming from a small town, she wanted to be involved in something bigger. Maggie liked the large number of students that attended the university and the substantial campus. In addition to the large school, the University of Alabama also has an on-campus hospital where she will get hands-on nursing experience.

Maggie is also excited to watch Division 1 sports and support her school. The University of Alabama is well-known for its school spirit and Greek life.

Maggie was also looking for a college in the warmer climate where it was not going to snow. Growing up in the northeast, she has not enjoyed the snow and cold weather, therefore, she is happy about a southern school.

Aside from schooling, she is most excited about getting to decorate her room with her three roommates. Additionally, she is excited about watching their football games and gymnastics competitions.

Maggie knew she wanted to go to the University of Alabama when Morgan graduate Alex Church gave her a tour of the campus and dorm rooms. Maggie even decided that she was going to join a sorority so she is moving in on August 6, 2020, to rush for a sorority.

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