Morgan Goes to Yale’s Physics Olympics

Written by: Maggie Guba |

On October 12, four seniors represented The Morgan School at Yale’s Physics Olympics. Led by Physics teacher, Abigail Walston, seniors Carlo Arnoldi, Nic Colebank, Alex Kadlof and Annalyse Olcott attended and competed in 5 different events. The official team name for Morgan was “Forces for Good”, according to Mrs. Walston.

This past Saturday, Morgan placed 10th out of 40 teams. The team’s highest-scoring event was Spring Fever where they built a functioning catapult. Considering this was Morgan’s first venture into the event, Mrs. Walston and the team were very pleased with Morgan’s outcome.

All members of the four-person team were seniors who have previously taken AP Physics. Prior to the event, Senior, Annalyse Olcott said, “I’m excited to see what it’s like because I’ve never done this before. It is definitely going to be an interesting experience”.

The team’s leader, Mrs. Walston, was excited to be a part of this new experience and was very enthusiastic about the event. Before the event senior Nic Colebank said that he was “excited to see what it will actually be like, and I have never done anything like this before so it seems like a new opportunity”.

Hopefully, Morgan will continue their success at the Physics Olympics in the years to come.

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