PTA Arts Competition 2018

Written by Mike Savage  |

The PTA announced the theme of its Annual Reflections Contest. This year’s theme is “Heroes Around Me”. The Clinton PTA is sponsoring a local contest.  The winners of the local contest will be able to move onto the state level and from the state level, contestants move to the national level.

Students can submit work in the following mediums: visual art, photography, literature, musical composition, dance choreography, and film production. According to the PTA, the contest will spark creativity in school and at home.

This past year we had many students enter the competition.  In the literature category, sophomore Sarah Auletta won 1st place, junior Marie Kane won 2nd place, and senior Katie Kozak won 3rd. In the music composition category, senior Wyatt Reu won 1st place. In the photography category, senior Courtney Viglione won 1st place, senior Kate Daley won 2nd place, and senior Juan Avila won 3rd place. And finally, in the visual arts category, sophomore Logan Cummings won 1st place. 

The deadline for submissions is Thursday, December 6th. Visit the PTA website for details about submitting work to the contest. 

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