Sophomores In the Red: Fundraising

Written by Melanie Coretti |

Last year, the Class of 2019 was struggling to raise money for the class. Last year’s class officers were President Michael Menacho, Vice President Ella Franzoni, Public Relations Rachel Flanagan, and Secretary Erin Lindsay.  Last year, the class of 2019 officers didn’t do much to help the class raise money, and the class didn’t help much either. This year is, hopefully, going to be a change from last year.


Caleb (left)

The new class officers are President Caleb Adams-Hull, Vice President Erin Lindsay, Secretary Dan Radka, and Public Relations Joelle Vuilleumier. The class of 2019 are holding fundraisers such as selling shirts and blankets with the Morgan Logo and 2019 on them. The class officers this year are trying to make up for lost time since last year there wasn’t much done.

The officers explained what they thought went wrong.  “Last year, we did not have much student participation. The class officers did not make fundraisers known or did not get enough people to participate.”

“We raised about $300 for the class, which could have been even more, but several fundraisers failed, and we actually lost money.” The class needs money to pay for junior and senior prom. “We need around  $2000-$3000 for both proms.” He and the other class officers hope to accomplish this by getting more students involved in the fundraisers than last year. Radka added, “We also are stressing the fact that the fundraisers are for you guys, so all of the participation benefits our class and each of us individually.” 

2019 blanketsThe class officers are creating fundraisers they believe the class will find interesting. For example, many students walk around the halls with blankets to keep warm and stay comfortable. The offers took this into consideration and have started selling blankets with the Morgan logo and class year on it.

To keep the class of 2019 updated on the upcoming events, a class Twitter has been created to reach out to the students more. Along with the Twitter, there are also many emails that go out to the class to make students aware of the fundraisers.

To follow the class of 2019 Twitter, the username is: MorganHS_2019

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