First year Thoughts with Mr. Zdunzcyk

Written by Anthony Janiszcak|

First year for a new teacher can be sometimes a bit over whelming, but for Social studies teacher Corey Zdunzcyk, its just another day doing what he loves! Coming into Morgan last year to replace another teacher, Mr. Zdunzcyk adapted well to our school. He expresses how “the Students and Faculty has helped improve me as a Teacher”. and that he’s excited for the new school.

Graduating High School from Plainville CT, and college at Central Connecticut State University, Mr. Zdunzcyk said “I loves social studies, and always has, with the different classes i teach, its fun to relate the World History with the U.S. History, or vise versa”. A Freshman here a Morgan tells Paw Print that “i enjoy Mr. Zdunzcyks class”.  Mr. Zdunzcyk taught previouMr Z teachingsly in Madison at Polson for a year and a half before the full time job here at Morgan.

Another thing Mr. Zdunzcyk told the Paw Print that he is “excited for the new school, and the use of chrome books in class for the students”. He feels like the new school is going to be a positive change for everyone.  With the First full year down, We all hope Mr. Zdunzcyk enjoys his time with us at Morgan, and we cant wait for many more to come!



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