Read and Weep: We Are the Ants

Written by Abbey Norton |

We Are the Ants by Shaun David Hutchinson
Science Fiction

Aliens decide to abduct Henry starting at thirteen years old. They poke at his body and test it by We are the antsshocking him and hurting him and even trying to drown him. He thought that was bad enough, especially with the entire school calling him Space Boy, but things always get worse.

Jesse commits suicide. His best friend Audrey decides to ditch him for the popular girls at school. Marcus keeps Henry as his dirty little secret, and worst of all, the aliens think that Henry should be the deciding factor in whether to save earth from a shocking apocalypse or to let everyone die in fire. Or ice. Or from microscopic robots. (Whatever works.)

And he thought being gay was hard.

Rate: five stars

Likes: Every sentence of We Are the Ants will make you want to set the book on fire (please don’t) because you will feel absolutely frustrated at the things Henry goes through. This is what makes the book so worth your time. I finished these 451 pages in two days because it is impossible to not want to know what happens next.


Overall, it was a great book for LGBT representation and the wonders of science fiction.


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