Welcoming Ms. Smith

Written by Meghan Schulze and Meg Falcone |

Let’s welcome Morgan’s new long term substitute, Mathematics teacher Stephanie Smith, who will be teaching mathematics teacher Monica Mikulski’s classes until the end of the 2015-2016 school year.

Ms. Smith attended Eastern Connecticut State University and has previous teaching experience. She taught science classes at St. Joe’s Catholic School for 3 years before teaching in New London for the first half of this year.

IMG_6880She is very excited to be a substitute here at The Morgan School because everyone is so nice. Ms. Smith says our school is very prideful and spirited. She also loves having the ability to teach her favorite subject, math!

Freshman Marissa D’Aniello in Algebra shares Ms. Smith is “really nice and laid back”. Freshman Marie Kane, who is also taking Algebra, believes she is a really good teacher because she explains topics well. Senior Julia Hornyak who is in AP Calculus said that she is very patient with a class filled with students all at different levels. “She wants everyone to do their best”.

She is available to help students any day after school. All they have to do is ask! She also has a study hall in her classroom during C period!


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