Future Morgan Performers

Written by Jessica Green
Contributed by Gabby Vigorito |

IMG_3621On December 10th, at 7:00 pm in the Morgan auditorium, The Pierson School held their annual chorus and band concert.  The band concert was run by Pierson Band Director Ms. Waite and Peirson Chorus Director Mrs. Nedderman.  All students had to wear a white top and black bottoms.  It started out with the band of 5th graders.  The first piece they preformed included six students drumming on trashcans.  Then the 4th and 5th graders came out to sing.  They split in half, one side soprano and one side alto.  One song they sang was called “Al Sholsha.” Sophomore Gabby Vigorito remembers chorus as a very fun experience and something to look forward to.

A few weeks ago there were tryouts for the song and for solo parts.  A lot of students tired out for this special role but Senior Maina Carey’s sister Sarah Carey got the solo at the beginning of the song.  Another song featured was the “Perfect Gift”, and it started IMG_3641out with two group solos.  Five students sang the first  verse and five different students sang theIMG_3612 second verse.  During some of their songs, Mrs. Nedderman choreographed dances.  Before each song, she also had the kids read out the history of each song.  They did a very nice job playing their instruments and singing.  Many friends and family came to support their students.

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