Freshmen Triumph

Written by Sophia Muce
Photos by Amber Vuillimier and Sophia Muce |

Dodge For A Difference is a Morgan fundraiser. It is a dodge ball tournament with many teams of staff members and students participating. To learn more about the event, read the article Dodge for a Difference Roster.IMG_6168

On Tuesday November 24th, the Morgan School held the second Dodge For A Difference. Students from all grades, the staff from Morgan and Pierson, sports and club members all joined together to raise money for Tracy McDonnell, a Morgan staff member who is recovering from a serious illness.

She attended the game and made a speech that brought everyone in the gymnasium to their feet. The event raised over $4,000 for her and her family.

The gymnasium was divided in half so that two games were going on at the same time. All the seniors, juniors, sophomores, staff, sport and club teams were eliminated. The winners turned out to be the freshmen B team. This team was made up of Michael Menacho, Chris Nuzzo, Jack O’Sullivan, AJ Fritz, Hunter Kyhn, Sean Fitzgerald, Garret Johnson, Ford Pender, Bailey Hornyak, and Joelle Vuillimier. The final game was freshmen against senior A team, and the underclassmen won.

Here are some more pictures from the event:

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