Hola Chicos Nuevos

Each year new members are inducted into Spanish National Honor Society. Learning a new language is a real commitment and a great accomplishment. In order to be inducted into Spanish National Honor Society, a student must excel in his or her  Spanish class and truly embrace the language and culture.

This year the inductee class brought in 13 new members, including 12 juniors and 1 senior. Alex Church, Olivia DiGiandomenico, Lizzy Granfield, Lindsey Harden, Shannon Mauher, Jenna Morello, Karla Rivadenira, Matt Mester, Zack McCray, Deshaun James, Nate Hornyak, and Sam Moran made up the junior inductees, while Dominique Burrows was the senior.

These 13 members were welcomed into the Spanish Honor Society by 13 seniors, Kayla Burt, Kevin Daley, Michael Fiorillo, Catlen Goss, Cara Morello, Kathryn Mozzochi, Nola Neri, Kelsey Novak, Emily Popp, Angela Rienzo, Stephanie Smallshaw, John Michael Van Ness, and Albert Viglione.

Senior Emily Popp who was inducted last year stated that the ceremony was fun, “The whole thing is in Spanish and then you take a candle and light it and repeat this oath that states that you will not stop working hard, and then you eat cake!” Emily understands what it takes to be inducted, “you have to be a dedicated student and put effort into becoming better.”

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