A Change to Advisory

Written by Zach Corbett |
Videos by Jessica Green |

Advisory on Tuesday, September 29th was not a typical advisory. The week before, students were asked to choose a club to attend once a month during advisory. Some clubs were packed, while others had only a few students. In the Ultimate Frisbee Club, for example, so many students joined that not everybody could play. Some students like the idea of going to a  club once a month during advisory and others do not.

Some students even chose to go to the cafeteria rather than joining a club.  Some students felt there were simply no clubs of interest to them. This might change, though, because there are new clubs being introduced. For example, there are plans for a photography club to be introduced by Mr. Enoch and Ms Corbett.

Tim Smith and John Pryor on Advisory

Lindsay Harden on Advisory

Jackie Spear on Advisory

Tori Barron on Advisory

Brendan Kyhn on Advisory

Nadine Khalifa on Advisory

The club advisory period has allowed some student clubs to expand their memberships.  See Calvin Jackson’s article Morgan Ultimate is Really Going to “Send It” This Year for information on the Ultimate Frisbee club. The next club period of advisory will be on Tuesday the 27th.

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