Winter Sports Make a Comeback

Written by: Mikaela Gaudet and Maya Kadel |
Featured image via Winter Sports Preview

Freshman Georgia Nye and Madison SeegarWinter sports are an amazing way to stay in shape over the winter. Girls and boys basketball, track, and wrestling are finally here. The cold, tense season is beginning. Both basketball and wrestling started on Monday, November 24 while track started on December 1st.

People have been playing basketball for a while now and are excited to continue their journey throughout high school. The boy’s basketball coach is social studies teacher Chris Zawadski. Freshman Matt Newfield who is participating on the basketball team says, “I think the team will do well this season. We have a lot of good juniors so it should be a good season this year.” He also mentions how he’s excited to get to know the other players on the team. The girls basketball coach is Coach Grippo. Freshman Georgia Nye who will be on the girls’ team explained ” I’ve been playing for awhile now so I wanted to continue, especially because they are a good team so I wanted to be a part of that.”

One of the most popular sports at Morgan is indoor track. It involves a lot of conditioning. Mathematics teacher Mike Underwood is the head coach of the track team. People who are on the track team also participate in track meets. This is freshman Wyatt Reu’s first time doing track. He states, ” I’m nervous. I usually don’t do sports.” Luckily, indoor track is guaranteed to get you into shape. While others such as Mary Kate Staunton is excited,”I’m excited to run with my friends, compete, and meet new people.” There are about 60 people on the team so meeting new people is definitely not a hard thing to do.

Boys wrestling is another winter sport here at Morgan. Wrestling is a big commitment. They condition, wrestle against other boys, and most importantly they work hard to win as many meets as possible. Wrestling is one of the most dangerous sports so those on the team must be brave enough to realize that. The two coaches are Mr. Leiss and Mr. Meyer. Freshman Tim Smith said, “My coaches are very helpful with teaching me new things. I joined because it seemed like a fun sport, and I went to a couple tournaments last year, and the sport just looked like a lot of fun.”

Winter sports are a great way to stay in shape. Track, Basketball and wrestling require a lot of commitment. But, participating on a winter team is a great way to get ready for upcoming spring sports.

2 responses to “Winter Sports Make a Comeback

  1. Hearing how people feel about the sports that they love to participate in is refreshing. I liked how you interviewed the freshmen on how they feel to be a part of the sport and why they joined.


  2. This article makes me really excited for the winter sports season! I do not play a winter sport here at school but will definitely come watch some games! I really liked the part about track and hearing about what people think of them as a really close knit team!


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