The New Self Serve Salad Bar

Written By: Maya Kadel and Mikaela Gaudet |
Mikaela Gaudet and Mrs.StevensSalads are a light, healthy choice for a meal. Most people prefer to choose the ingredients for their salad. Did anyone notice that  the salad bar from last year wasn’t in the cafeteria? Well, it’s back. Sophomore Tori Barron created a petition to bring the self-serve salad bar back.Tori said, ” I think the new salad bar will motivate students to eat more salads. Plus, you could add whatever you want in it.” Thankfully, this petition passed. Mrs. Stevens said, “Teachers prefered a quick way to get their salads, instead of having to pick it out themselves.” This is why she created the “grab and go” salad bar, which is preferred by the teachers. Cafeteria workers pre-make salads but can add or take out anything you don’t like.

At the pre-made salad bar, there are a lot of different types of salads including: chefs salad, cobb salad, caesar salad, etc. However, some students prefer to create a salad. It’s not surprising that students want to pick out their own ingredients. Everybody’s different. The pre-made salads are cheaper than the salad bar. “The cost of a salad is determined by weight, so it would  cost more money if the salad bar returned.  I’m not quite sure why students would want the old salad bar back,” states Mrs. Stevens. Why would students prefer a more expensive salad? ” It’s worth it because you get to customize your salad for you own likings. It’s also easier to make; plus you don’t have to pick out things you don’t like in it.”  says the creator of the petition, Tori Barron. Some students don’t really notice the diffrence between the salad bars, but for the ones that do, they are satisfied with the new salad bar.

Salad bars are a good way to help students create and have a healthy lunch. Mrs. Stevens says she is very flexible with the salad bar, and when she found out what students wanted, she made it happen. Mrs.Stevens wants the students to feel happy with the lunch menu because we’re a family. Tori’s petition satisfied students who liked the self-serve salad bar better.

2 responses to “The New Self Serve Salad Bar

  1. This article is very informative and shows both sides of the salad bar petition; both how make your own salad is preferred and how pre-made salads are better. I think that this salad bar is nice now that we can make our own salads because like the authors said, we are able to add the ingredients that we want and make them our own way. Nice job!


  2. I appreciate that there is now the option to create your own salad because everyone is different like Makehla and Maya said, and I enjoy making my own as well.


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