CTeen Voice – Calling for Contributors

Written by Jensen Garcia |

CTeen Screen ShotCTeen Voice, a student news website,  is a project of Old Saybrook High School Senior Heather Kuang.  Everything on the website is created by students. The goal is ” to give a platform to students for expressing and exchanging ideas, to foster cooperation between schools in the Connecticut area, and to expand teenagers’ horizon of thinking.”  Heather has asked many other schools to help out with the project, including The Morgan School.

The Morgan School, along with Guilford, Valley, East Lyme, and Westbrook are trying to help out with this project.  For our school, Sophomore Jensen Garcia will be the president to help represent the school and encourage Morgan students to submit work to CTeen Voice.  Assisting her is Sophomore Marcus McDermott.  However, Morgan needs more students to participate. The Writing Department, that includes writers, editors, and reporters, are in charge of writing articles, editing articles, and going out and getting the information for the articles. The Art Department, that includes artists, illustrators, and photographers, will make up the gallery and photos on CTeen. Public relations will promote the website. Technology will maintain the website.  This website is not only limited to news, but it can include creative writing, photography, and art.

There will be a meeting for all that are interested on Wednesday, October 22, 2014, after school in room 43, English teacher Mrs. Leslie Chausse’s room.  We welcome all students to come by to contribute to CTeen Voice.

5 responses to “CTeen Voice – Calling for Contributors

  1. Working with other towns such as Guilford and Valley is a great way to meet new people while writing about local issues. CTeen Voice is a great way to connect and for students who like to blog. After reading this article you can tell Heather feels very passionate about this group.


  2. This is a very informative article and strongly promotes CTeen voice. Jensen and Marcus are two very good representatives for this online resource. Hopefully the site will expand and become something that many students report to daily.


  3. I like this article because it shows how passionate Heather is about this new website, and how she would allow anybody to contribute to the website as they volunteer. I think the idea of CTeen Voice is really cool because it’s a good idea to allow students from each school on the shoreline to communicate through this website. This article made me consider helping out with CTeen Voice, I really like the main idea and goals of it.


  4. Good to see teens within our schools working together, doing things they love. CTeen Voice is a very positive thing for kids within Connecticut, and those who like to blog.


  5. After our first meeting yesterday, I can honestly say that this is a really fun way to get involved. I encourage everyone to come out and help, and even if you can’t go submit your work! I really like how this article is informing the rest of the students about CTeen Voice!


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