Technology Turnover: Moving Forward

By Marcus McDermott |

On September 2nd the first day of school, the student body returned with high hopes and aspirations for a successful year. There also were several major changes in regards to the technology. Morgan technology was notorious for being unreliable before Mr.Rossi, the schools latest IT director, took over. After taking the job in January of 2014, Mr. Rossi dedicated himself to getting a feel for the school and creating a consistent system here so that the students could use the technology to its maximum potential.

Over the summer, a few large changes were made that the student body, for the most part, was largely unaware of. One change that caused a small uproar among students was the “Guest Wireless” which now provides very limited access and requires a sign in that quickly times out. In the past, the school provided a no sign-in free internet connection for anyone that walked in the school. Students were able to access the web for academic purposes through the old guest wifi.  The new limited access wifi makes access difficult.

IMG_5536 When asked about the changes in the internet connection, Mr. Rossi said “Basically all of the wireless configurations that were changed over the summer were designed to give the best performance to the district property.” In regards to the students and teachers who were annoyed about not having access to wifi, he light heartedly said “We don’t have a bring your own device policy in the district, so technically students and teachers shouldn’t be joining. And what we discovered as a result is the guest network was stealing a lot of the resources. We decided to scale that back to prioritize our bandwith resourses to the district machines.” The Guest Wireless was not changed to hurt the students, it was changed mainly because the school’s internet runs better and with fewer issues. Junior Sophie Roman said “It doesn’t work.” She followed it up by stating “When teachers ask us to look up things in class we have to use our own data. You end up using all your own data. I can’t listen to music while I’m working because it uses data on Pandora or other music sharing websites.” Although it was changed to help students, in the end it sometimes does the complete opposite. When asked if she thought the new configuration helped with the overall connection, Senior Charlotte Limosani said “I think it’s still really bad.Half the time it works, half the time it doesn’t. It’s unreliable.” Morgan Technology

Another change that caught many students by surprise was the change in the school email addresses. This year the school emails changed from first initial, last name to first name.last name. The new emails are longer and the change seemed unnecessary. Some students who used their school .net account to work on summer assignments suddenly found that they could not access the assignments when account logins changed without warning over the summer. Others who used the .net email were frustrated when they tried to sign in to the accounts to check their emails over the summer only to find they could not access the accounts.

students using new computersWhen asked about the change, Rossi stated “What we decided to do was separate the teachers or the staff and the student emails. Having a first initial last name system for everybody can create some confusion, particularly among parents.” The emails were changed to avoid emails getting mixed up and “outsiders” accidentally contacting students. Senior Chris Waterbury commented “I regularly use my school account, but I was not able to because they changed them. I had to make a new email without the school because of the unreliability.”

Some students appreciated the changes. Sophomore Eli Luchuk said “Overall, I think that they’ve improved the quality and the computers are really nice!”  I also talked to Library/ Media Specialist Mrs. Robinson about technology. When asked about the iPads this year, she said “We don’t have them up and running yet.” Last year the students and teachers were able to use the iPads to access the web resources. This year the Ipads are still not set up.

Whether the new changes improved the  function of our school/ districts technology or not, they are here to stay.

6 responses to “Technology Turnover: Moving Forward

  1. I liked the article. I noticed that people are upset about the internet not letting there phones stay on. But, I can tell that they did that for a reason. The internet seems to be better than last year, so that’s good.


  2. There was a lot of support to talk about how students really feel about the technology here at Morgan. It has changed a lot this year with problems such as internet connection. It’s very interesting how students are unable to connect on their cell phones but it also makes the connection work faster. I think this is good but students should be able to access their cell phones at times in which they could be used for educational reasons. Really well written article.


  3. This article definitely cleared up some of the questions I had about the school wifi. On the first day, I was disappointed to see that I could not connect to what used to be the “no sign-in free internet”. Now I know that it was taken away to make the overall internet connection faster. Although I didn’t notice a difference in the speed, at least I know that taking away the free wifi had good intentions.


  4. Nice article Marcus! You had a lot of quotes from students and that helps to show how the students feel about the technology. I’m surprised they changed the wireless connection “for the better” because it still is unreliable and only works sometimes. Hopefully the ipads will be up and running soon. You did a good job writing this.


  5. This article is very informative as technology has changed so much this year. I think it’s interesting that the reason the wifi is faster is because students are unable to connect to it with their devices.


  6. This article is very informative. So much has changed with the technology at school with the student emails and the wifi, this article is important to keep students informed of the changes. I thought it was interesting that the wifi works faster at school because students devices are unable to join it.


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