Spirits are High for Spirit Week

Written By Sam Pansa and Amanda LaRiviere |

Everybody knows that spirit week is a time to show your husky pride!

  • Beginning on Monday, September 8th, we will kick off Spirit Week with Black and White day to look straight out of a black and white movie.
  • Tuesday brings us Farewell Summer, a day to dress in your favorite summer apparel.
  • Show your support for your favorite team and sport on Wednesday; Sports Pride Day.
  • On Thursday dress not only to make an impression but also for picture day!
  • Finally the day everybody loves, Blue Out, for the annual pep rally on Friday!

Show your love and support for Morgan by dressing up for the occasion!

Come back to the Morgan PawPrint next week for this year’s spirit week photos!

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5 responses to “Spirits are High for Spirit Week

  1. I haven’t experienced a real spirit week so I think its a great idea for students to have fun and express themselves.


  2. Good to see people who are taking pride in there school, and community of students as a whole. Very positive thing to take part in.


  3. I, also being new, haven’t gotten to be apart of the spirit week here, but I feel its a fantastic idea and a great way to bring the student body together


  4. I haven’t experienced spirit week yet, but I’m looking forward to participating in it. I think the themes for spirit week are very creative; it’s a good way for students to express themselves.


  5. I think that this article is a very good idea because it informs everyone on spirit week which most people are unaware of. The pictures will make people excited to see how everyone comes to school to be a part of spirit week (especially Blue Out). Looks like it will be a fun week.


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