Leading the Morgan School

By Elizabeth Bradley| Swoosh 2014 (81)

One of my best friends and my partner in crime, Paul Michael Mullally, and I consider ourselves the dynamic duo of The Morgan School. PaulMichael, whom we all call “Pip,” and I met our sophomore year, and we have been inseparable as a leadership team since then. It may come as a surprise to those who do not know, but when we entered Morgan as freshmen, Pip and I did not know who each other were.

Walking into STEP at Morgan four years ago, I was worried about many things such as learning my way around the halls, learning how our schedule works, and even being able to reach the top locker. To add to my stress, I soon learned that I was going to have to give an election speech to my entire class as well as to older students and teachers that I did not know. There were nerves to say the least, but I wanted to prove to my class that I could do this job well. Freshman year I was elected class president and I began to learn the ins and outs of The Morgan School Student Council. It wasn’t until junior year that PaulMichael and I had become labeled as official leaders. He was the president for the Class of 2014, and I was the vice president.

One of the most common questions PaulMichael and I get is, “How do you make decisions and work together when you have such different personalities?” It would be fair to share that I am a go with the flow person in the sense that I feel there is always a solution to a problem. Although, I do go with the flow, I like to be very organized and know exactly what is going on.

Pip is the exact opposite, I guess opposites do attract! If I had to give advice to the underclassman class officers it would be that, “titles are not the true meaning of who leaders are. PaulMichael and I acted as co-leaders more than what positions we held in office. The ultimate goal is to treat each other with respect and know that all opinions should be considered no matter who shares them.”


One response to “Leading the Morgan School

  1. I enjoyed how this was a personal yet informational article. Liz being able to talk about her personal experience working with Pip and their leadership skills together was cool to hear about from the first person instead of just having quotes from either of them, if someone else had been writing it on this topic. It great concluding the article with some advice to underclassman.


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