No Sibling Rivalry Here

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Written by: Jensen Garcia |

The majority of students at Morgan have siblings, but only some have them at Morgan. These students have very mixed relationships with their siblings. Some get help or advice from their siblings with school or life in high school, but others just stick to a “hey” in the hall when they see each other. Having an older brother at Morgan and other younger siblings in lower schools, I decided to investigate what it was like for other students who have siblings at Morgan. My brother and I are close, but what is it like for other siblings at Morgan?

My older brother is Junior Jace Garcia. Jace and I tend to do nothing more than acknowledge that we are both in the school unless we need something from each other. As soon as we walk to school or get out of our mother’s car, we are basically just both Morgan students. However, since he knows some of my teachers, I tend to get in trouble for not turning in homework assignments or completing other tasks. He will get on my back if he hears I am doing poorly in a class. I have many other siblings, but I find that I am closer to my older brother than my other siblings are with him. He sometimes gives me advice about school or sports as well. I look up to my brother and I know he is there to help me.  I love having him in my school.

Senior Maddi Roman doesn’t see having a sibling in school as such a good thing. Her younger sister is Sophomore Sophie Roman. Maddi says, “she doesn’t really interact with her sister, though they do sports together and she drives her to and from school.”

Sophomore Kevin LaFrance is the brother to Sophomore Darcy LaFrance. They just acknowledge each other’s presence in the school. They sometimes help each other with school assignments.

Senior Lily Dawson and Junior Jen Dawson like having their sibling at the same school. Lily says that Jen is “a great athlete and independent”. Jen says that Lily is “outgoing, fun, and nice most of the time”. They both like that they are able to go to someone when they need help. They are very close and play volleyball, basketball, and softball together. They sometimes bicker, but “by the end of the day, everything is fine.”

Senior Liz Bradley talked about her brother, Sophomore Nick Bradley. She said, “I love having my brother in the same school as me, but most people do not like it because they fight with their siblings. He is a familiar face in the school. I like to see how he is doing. We are friends.” Unlike some older siblings who learn about things that can get their siblings in trouble, Liz says her brother is a “good kid” and she likes to see how he is doing in school.

Senior Sarah Dahlberg says she likes having her sibling, Junior Amy Dahlberg at Morgan with her. “We get along at home, but we fight sometimes. However, we always love each other.” She keeps an eye on her sister, but if she finds out anything major, she goes to her sister before telling anyone about it. They will talk to each other about any situation and they also play volleyball together.

Jonah Morello, a Senior, likes having his sophomore sister, Cara Morello, and freshman sister, Jenna Morello, at Morgan with him as well. He says, “I don’t really have a problem with them being here because I get to show them the ropes.” He goes to events with them, like Swoosh for Change.

Overall, it is shown there is not any real conflict with having your siblings at the same school as you. If anything, it helps you with high school. They are a good friend and very helpful to have.

5 responses to “No Sibling Rivalry Here

  1. Great article! I was very happy to be featured in this and I think the concept behind the article was fantastic! Great job!


  2. This was a very nice article to read! I will be having a sibling at Morgan soon, and it was interesting to hear about how other people interact with their siblings. Nice job overall!


  3. I loved the idea behind this article since there are so many siblings and family in the high school. Personally I love when people ask about my brother and I being in the same school together. I really enjoy having him here and being able to keep an eye out for him. I like how you got the sister/sister relationship aspect of that too. Maybe as an extension you can cover people in the school who are cousins, or we even have students that have a uncle/nephew relationship!


  4. Loved the article! I liked how you interviewed multiple siblings. You could have interviewed the other sibling to get their opinions about their brother or sister like you did with the Dawsons. Otherwise it is very interesting article.


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