Springing Into A New Sports Season

By Amanda LaRiviere and Kate Driscoll |

As winter sports come to an end, it’s time for all athletes to start thinking about which spring sport to do. The Morgan School offers a wide variety of spring sports, with the new addition of a girls golf club this year. Other sports include: softball, baseball, outdoor track, boys and girls lacrosse, tennis, and golf. Jake Mastroianni and Nick Powers are the baseball captains; Luke Alfano, Jonathan Chann, and Alex Eimutus are the boys lacrosse captains; Riley Cochrane and Brian Gendron are the boys outdoor track captains; Eli Phelps and Andrew Tran are the boys tennis captains; Kaitlyn Conway, Emma Ramcke, and Rory Smith are the girls lacrosse captains; Olivia Bealer, Sarah Cockley, and Debbie Foster are the girls tennis captains; Maddi Roman and Kelly Thompson are the girls outdoor track captains; Maxx Bugg and Gabe VanNess are the boys golf captains; and Kelsey Donaldson, Jen Dawson, and Lily Dawson are the softball captains.

We asked junior, Maxx Bugg about what he’s looking forward to this season as a member of defending state champion golf team. “I’m excited to play again and see the new freshman come up and play…also how the girls are since it’s a club this year. Basically just getting on the course and swinging the club”.

Jenna Egan told us about outdoor track. “I’m doing outdoor track; it’s fun, and I like doing it a lot because I do cross country. There are a lot of different events for people who don’t like to run. If you can’t run or sprint really fast, there’s long distance running and javelin throwing for the upper body. There are different events for different people.”

Freshman, Alex Church commented on how she feels about this golf season. “I am looking forward to the learning experience with the older players and gaining skills that I can use on and off the course, as a person and also as a player.”

Senior, Lily Dawson, captain of the softball team commented, “We have a lot of returning players, and all but two of the starters are back. We’re looking forward to having a successful season.”

Make sure to attend as many sporting events as you can! Go to http://www.casciac.org/ for the spring sports schedule.

3 responses to “Springing Into A New Sports Season

  1. Well written article, I play lacrosse and am really excited for this season! I’m also interested to see how each sport does this spring.


  2. Great article, I know that I’m always interested in reading about our school’s athletics and how they keep growing.


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