We Will Miss You, Mrs. Len

By Emily Sobieraj|

Meeting Mrs. Len was a wonderful learning experience. She  works with special needs students in the Secondary Life Skills Program and the Vocational/ Transitional Program. Unfortunately, she has to leave The Morgan School.  She will soon be the Coordinator of the Transition Academy for Region 4 (Chester, Essex, Deep River, Ivoryton).

At Morgan, she works  with her students’ life skills including working on kitchen skills and other functional academic skills. She also works on the vocational program: exploring different work opportunities and providing students with internships in Clinton. When Mrs. Len leaves, she says she will miss her advisory group, the students and overall the whole school. When I interviewed Mrs. Len, I also observed the way the class runs. Kaitlin is learning how to apply life skills, doing such things as folding laundry, cooking, and crafts. Taylour is studying for his permit in the career exploration section. Kyle and Ian are applying life skills by sorting and organizing containers with their tops, seeing if they match up, as well as working on money value and identification. Separately, Kyle is working on identifying time and loading the vending machine.

Kyle               Kaitlin              Money

Mrs. Dow works with Mrs. Len. They have been together for 4 years. Mrs. Dow is a paraprofessional, and she accompanies students to class to take notes for them. “Mrs. Len is wonderful and taught me a lot in my four years, especially a lot about special needs children. I will be sad to see her leave,” Mrs. Dow said.

Mrs. Brann has worked with Mrs. Len since the beginning of this school year. She does one to one paraprofessional work with one student. She works on academic and life skills with Kaitlin. Mrs. Brann thinks Mrs. Len is a passionate and a caring educator. “Staff and students will miss her,” says Mrs. Brann.

Mr. Davis has been working with Mrs. Len since this June. He helps Ian with his academics and provides behavioral management. Mr. Davis takes Ian to his job and accommpanies him to work. He also is Ian’s bus aide in the mornings and afternoons. “It is a pleasure working with her. She demonstrates excellent professional and personal skills, and she is a people person. Mrs. Len gets along very well with colleagues and students.”

If you see Mrs. Len, wish her good luck at her new job and tell her good- bye. She has helped the many students she worked with here at The Morgan School.

One response to “We Will Miss You, Mrs. Len

  1. I’ve seen her working with many of these students and she does a great job with them. It will be sad to see her go.


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