You Never Know

Written by Emily Zirkelbach|

Suicide. Suicide happens every day, every minute all over the world. They’re people all around you who suffer from depression or have suicidal thoughts, and you may not even know it. There are so many reasons to why people get depressed. Bullying, problems at home, social life, relationships, and an infinite amount more.

Here at Morgan there’s one person that cares a whole lot about people with depression. Senior Liz Bradley is getting the word out with her new club that this is a major topic, and something needs to be done. Liz wants to help and focus on the youth that have mental illnesses, and try to erase the stigma of this illness. She hopes to educate adults in the community. Adults need to understand that even teens and children suffer from this illness. Liz realized there was a demand for this subject and that it needed attention.

She also wants to help students that suffer from depression. She knows she can’t just change someone’s whole perspective, but she hopes to be able to relate to them and let them know she’s there to talk to and to get them help. Along with fliers around the school and qr readers that link to her website in classrooms, she’s in the process of making brochures and fliers to put in doctors’ offices and places that attract the youth. Along Liz’s side is co-founders Shelby Mehmet, Kelley Edwards, and Sara Montauti. This foundation is based out of the community, and she hopes the word gets around so people with this condition can seek help. Contact Liz Bradley or go to her website to find out more about her new group called You Never Know (YNK).


3 responses to “You Never Know

  1. Thanks for the informative article. I saw the signs all over the school advertising this YNK. Now I know more about the group behind the signs.


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