A Diamond in the Rough

Ms. DelGrego

Photograph from the Assumption Hall of Fame

Written by Judy Chicoine

Normally, when you think of the Hall of Fame, you imagine your favorite ball player: Derek Jeter, David Ortiz, and…Ms. DelGrego?! That’s right! On June ninth, Ms. DelGrego was informed that she was inducted into Assumption College’s Hall of Fame. Ms. DelGrego was a two- year softball co-captain at Assumption College, in Worcester, Massachusetts. She holds the following career records for Assumption’s softball team:  at-bats -597; hits- 271, and singles-243. She has received many different honors- including a 2000 First Team All-New England selection-which have led her to this glorious achievement.  “It’s a very prestigious honor –that’s what takes my breath away. The girls who had been inducted were my role models, and to be grouped with them makes it humbling,” she said.

To be a champion, you must have motivation and persistence. They say that ‘it’s not about the dog in the fight; it’s about the fight in the dog’. Ms. DelGrego knows first-hand what it’s like to battle against all odds in hopes of being victorious. “My father used to tell me, ‘You’re not a girl, you’re a ball- player’, and ‘excellence is not determined by race,’” said Ms. DelGrego. You have to put your heart into what you do, otherwise, it means nothing. Her father was absolutely right. In 2000, Ms. DelGrego made the ECAC All-Star Team, proving her determination. “This closes that chapter in my life, and what I learned, I live every day.” Ms. DelGrego now takes her leadership skills to her classroom in Morgan, and in a way, it’s like having a brand-new team every year! She also plays in a local slow-pitch league, keeping her love of softball alive.

~ Congratulations! ~

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