Social Time During Advisory?


Written by Patrick Markovics |

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Have freshmen students ever been bored during their advisory?  This suggestion could change that. The proposed idea is that once a month during advisory the freshman class will go to the cafeteria to talk and socialize with other students.  Special education teacher Joanne Cozzolino proposed the idea to other freshmen advisors because “social time in the cafeteria will benefit the students by having them interact with students they don’t usually interact with.” Lots of other teachers and students including Assistant Principal Tyler Webb agreed it was an idea worth trying. Mr. Webb said “I’d love to explore the idea and have it work out.” He also said, “Getting the entire class together will provide higher level connectedness.”

If this proposed idea goes through, it will make the freshmen class more tight-knit and the whole school a better place. When asked, “How will social time during advisory benefit the students?”, students shared their views.